Big Bass Auto Glass

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

At Big Bass Auto Glass, we take pride in being able to fix or replace your glass no matter the type of automobile that you have. Smart Car? No Problem. Big Tractor? No problem.

Windshield Replacement

We offer all types of windshield replacement for vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Our team of trained technicians have the experience needed to properly and safely install your replacement windshield glass ensuring that it's done correctly.

Side & Rear View Mirrors

We often think of the windshield or rear window as the glass that needs fixed, but that’s not the only glass on a vehicle.

It’s a common occurrence through a variety of means to have a broken side or rear view mirror that needs replaced. These pieces of glass also need a professional installation to ensure they don’t fall off, or end up with tension that causes them to break again.

Whether foreign, domestic, new, or old, our technicians can expertly replace sidecar window glass on your vehicle.

Your rear windshield is important for safety just as much as your front windshield.

Side and Rear Glass Replacement

Our professional technicians easily and quickly replace your rear window. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure a proper installation every time.

We Install On Muscle Cars, Classics, and even Hot Rods

Many companies don’t have the experience or expertise to install glass in older or specialty cars and trucks. Especially if it’s been discontinued.

Give us a call early on in your project to avoid delays. We’ll be able to get the right parts for you ahead of time to ensure they’re ready when you are. Even if you’re needing custom cut glass, as long as it’s flat, we can cut it. If you need something that isn’t flat, we can get what you need!

By the way, we LOVE classic cars and can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

Buses, RV's, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police vehicles

No matter the vehicle or size of the glass, we have you covered. Did some 18 Wheeler throw a rock at your RV windshield and you need it replaced? No problem. We will replace the glass on whatever you have.


Get Connected

The sooner you give a call, the sooner we can get someone scheduled to come out and do your glass repair. We look forward to hearing from you!

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